Track & Field

From here you will find all information relating to Track and Field.  Training times at the Leisure Centre track can be found from the Training page.

The club participates in a number of Track and Field leagues and the meetings are friendly events where athletes are encouraged to compete across a number of events.

The East Anglian League (EAL) provides competition for ages U11 upwards to senior level, with the Eastern Young Athletics League (EYAL) for U13-U17 and both leagues take place on Sunday’s.

Our Southern Athletic League sees us competing on a Saturday and provides a competition for ages U17, U20 and Senior, men & women. Teams are elected by the Team Managers.

Fixture dates, Team Manager details and other information can be found by selecting from the menu on the left.

A typical day at a league meeting will normally start with arrival at approx 10.30am and will finish after the relays at approximately 5.30pm. The SAL meetings start at approx 12pm ending with relays at 4.30pm. We all sit together and support each other.  You must wear a club vest and will also find it useful to bring along the following:
   Wet/Cold weather clothing
   Packed Lunch
   Picnic rug/table/chair
   Pop up tent/gazebo/fishing umbrella/shelter
   Tent pegs and mallet
   Sun cream
   Safety Pins – please bring but available if forgotten.

There is no charge to compete in the leagues and no individual entrance fee, but it is advisable to have some money as there are tea, coffee and snacks available at most venues.

There are 'A' and 'B' string competitors for each event and age group. 'A' string tends to be the athlete with the best PB in that event. 'B' string is the second. We can also enter non scorers to give all athletes the opportunity to compete and improve their PB.

These are the events in the SAL - these meets are quieter, with less of an audience!
   Hammer, Pole Vault, Shot, High Jump & Long Jump
   400m hurdles, 800m, 400m, Javelin
   LADIES 3000m (in events 1,3,5) 5000m (in events 2,4)
   MENS 5000m (in events 1,3,5) 3000m (in events 2,4)
   100m hurdles, Triple Jump, 200m
   MENS 3000m steeplechase (in events 2,4)
   MENS 2000m steeplechase (on events 1,3,5)
   LADIES 2000m steeplechase (in events 1,3,5)
   LADIES 1500m steeplechase (in events 2,4)
   4 x 100m relay
   4 x 400m relay

Same events in the EAL, but without pole vault, steeplechase and 4 x 400m

Don't think "I'm not good enough for this". These events are an excellent way to improve and all the little points add on to the TEAM BDAC scores to make the difference in our league place.
Please try to car share for events away from Braintree.

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