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Athletics offers many opportunities for people with all types of skills and abilities. If you are able to help us in any of the following ways then we would like to hear from you:

  • Become a BDAC Committee Member
  • Coaching our Athletes
  • Track and Field Officials
  • Offer Help and Support as and when you can



We would like to hear from anyone who feels that they can contribute to our clubs day to day running and future development. If this sounds like you please contact the club. We urgently need a new Secretary.


Do you feel that you have the ability to motivate and encourage our athletes? If so then coaching could be for you. By attending UK:Athletic coaching courses you will be shown how to train our athletes to improve their technique and performance.

Work with our athletes and feel a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction as you see them improve their athletic skills and achieve their personal targets. Coaching can be very rewarding for both coach and athlete.

All of our coaches are volunteers and we are privileged that they are all willing to give up some of their spare time on a regular basisi to train and encourage our athletes to improve and bring out the best in their abilities. The club rewards this dedication by paying for their training.

United Kingdom Athletics
All of our coaches are therefore UKA qualified at varying levels.


We are particularly keen to recruit Track and Field Officials. Every athletic meeting, from a regional club meeting right up to international level, requires Officials. If you would like to get involved “where the action is” then becoming a track and field official could be the answer. No experience is necessary as full support and training will be given to anyone who is interested. Take a look at the list below of the different officials needed to make a meeting run smoothly then just decide which you are interested in or feel best equipped to do.

Our club is urgently seeking Track Judges, however, if you prefer one of the others in the list then we will still be extremely pleased to hear from you.

  • Starter
  • Starters Assistant
  • Track Judge
  • Timekeeper
  • Field Judge

BDAC can give you the opportunity to become one of the above officials. When qualified you can then choose whether to officiate at some of the clubs meetings or even progress to a higher level of meeting – the choice is yours.

See below for a brief description of an officials duties, or, for more information look at the SEAOA (South of England Athletic Officials Association) website.


As the name suggests, the person who starts the race. On you marks, set, enquire for details!

Starters Assistant

Before the starter can send the athletes on their way the starters assistant organizes the athletes into their appropriate races and lanes.

Track Judges

A close race and no photo finish, someone has to decide who came first, second, third etc. Did you run in the wrong lane or push a hurdle over with your hand? Watch out – the track judges will disqualify you!


All track athletes want to know how long they took to complete their race – the timekeepers will tell them. How accurate is your timekeeping against the photo finish electric times? The challenge is on!

Field Judges

Measure long Jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, javelin, discus, shot, hammer, decide which are no jumps or throws and organise the athletes. You won’t get bored with this one but you will not be expected to do them all at once!

All of the above can give you an interest in athletics and are not difficult when shown how to do them properly. BDAC can give you the chance to try most of these first without any commitment so that you can see if they are “right for you”.

Here at the club, we are constantly on the lookout for individuals who may be insterested in becoming a coach and joining our team.

Some of our coaches are ex-athletes who want to give back the knowledge they have gained through their own experiences.

Some of them are parents who initially came along to support their own son/daughter, taken an interest and then took the next step to become a coach.

So Are You Interested in Volunteering? Details and forthcoming courses:

Give us a call using the details on the Contacts page or fill in a Volunteer form.

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