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35 Braintree Athletes at Abbey Fields Cross Country


On Saturday 35 Braintree & District athletes travelled to Colchester for the second leg of the Essex Cross Country League series.

Despite the recent heavy rain the ground was pretty good, with no slippy surfaces on the relatively flat all grass course.

Great performances all round included the Under 15 girls achieving a fantastic fourth place, while the Senior Women improved their position by four places to 10th.

Great first time performances came from Rebecca Maloney, Finlay Leport, Isaac Lewin, Bailey Harrod and Elliott Coulson, while for the Senior Men, Myles Coulson, Phil Mann and Steve Crouchman all did well on their first cross country races.

Results Essex Cross Country League Match 2

Under 13 Girls 3k

Georgina Harrod 35th, Rebecca Maloney 39th, Madi Fribbens 49th.

Braintree 7th Place overall

Under 13 Boys 3k

Simon Smith 39th, Finlay Leport 42nd, Isaac Lewin 44th, Bailey Harrod 49th, Aaron Fribbens 50th, George Williams 51st, Elliott Coulson, 52nd.

Braintree 7th Place overall

Under 15 Girls 4k

Anna Eden 20th, Samantha Ragus 22nd, Sophia Diss 29th, Daisy Solomon 34th, Chloe Cockell 36th, Ellie Cockell 38th.

Braintree 4th Place overall

Senior Women 5.6k

Michelle Caulfield 38th, Josie Sheffield 43rd, Lindsay Rolerkite, 48th, Sarah Eden 84th, Dorinda Fribbens 86th, Rhona Firth 92nd.

Braintree 10th Place overall

Senior Men 7.8k

Richard Pollitt 60th, Stewart Ellis 93rd, Andy Smith 128th Lee Cousin 134th, Mark Jackson 153rd, Ryan Askew 154th, Myles Coulson 155th, Neil Speed 157th, Barry Mitchell 169th, Phil Mann 172nd, Joe McEwan 175th, Steve Crouchman 10th, Kevin Cockell 187th.

Braintree 13th Place overall

Braintree 5